Get Inspired – LuVogt’s Selections from TED 2011


Last year I created a list of interesting videos from the TED conference. It was such a hit that HuffPo decided to copy me this year! And while they point out many great talks, of course, I have my own take.  So as a way to avoid most of the items on my end-of-the-year to-do list, and of course gain some inspiration for the coming year, I’ve once again spent a few hours over the holidays combing through the TED videos that were posted this year, and picked out a few that I found particularly noteworthy. (You’ll note that only a few overlap with the HuffPo list.)

These first two were so inspiring that I’ve decided to act on both – my first personal 30 day challenge is to smile more (yes, I’ve established specific numerical goals on a per-day basis).  So if you see me smiling a lot this month, don’t be weirded out, just smile back 🙂

Before I jump into the techie stuff, here are a few nice talks from the world of art and design:

Here are a couple that fall into the “self-help” category:

  • On being wrong – Kathryn Schulz – A great reminder to move out of our ever-present bubble of right-eous-ness
  • Doodlers, unite! – Sunni Brown – Exercise that right brain!

Now on to grander things – some “change the world” ideas, literally!

And last, but by no means least, some advances in technology that should leave you gaping:

I could spend a lot of time “getting inspired”, but the new year has begun, and it’s time to act!  One of my resolutions is to publish more to this blog, so you should hear from me again soon.

For a complete list of 2011 TED videos, visit here.