I love Facebook, I’m quitting Facebook


Two years ago, I debuted on Facebook with the unassuming status update ‘i been hearing bout this “so-shull networkin” thingiemabob – what’s it all about anyhoo?’, to which my first friends replied ‘uh oh – you’re going to get sucked in!!’ and ‘watch out for the ads. they’re evil’. Both were right. I have immensely enjoyed the ability to connect with friends, both current and long-lost, as well as actively participating in the “social web” revolution.

But now I need to join another revolution – Facebook users revolting against the abuse of power and clear lack of respect for privacy Facebook has shown repeatedly and increasingly. So, I’m deactivating my account. I don’t take this decision lightly – I get immense value out of Facebook. But I liken it to fast food – sure it tastes great, but at what cost, and do i really want to support a company that does not respect me as a customer and a person? I am not the only one doing this – some Googlers are also in on the movement: “Google engineering gaggle flees Facebook – The Register” http://luvogt.com/x.pl?k=388915D

Luckily, I have been very careful to not store all of my data in Facebook’s cloud, so this is not so hard. Also luckily, there are alternative ways to connect online. I actively use Flickr for photos, Yahoo Updates for social networking, LinkedIn for professional networking, Youtube for videos, and Twitter for technology and political ranting. I don’t want to lose touch with you all, so please do connect with me on those services where it makes sense:
I don’t use Google Buzz, mostly on principle – Google released a product called “Buzz” many months after Yahoo already had a similar product with the same exact name – I consider that the ultimate in bad form and poor sportsmanship!

I do not expect many, or any, of you to join me on this quixotic journey. But, here are some articles from the past couple of years for you to take into consideration (reverse chronological). You make your own decision: