Common Sense


FINALLY! A replacement for the MPAA has emerged…

For those of you with kids, I thought I’d share this web site I just discovered – it’s called Common Sense Media.

Basically, it is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that rates and reviews all sorts of media (Movies, TV, Games, Books, Music, even Web Sites) with respect to age appropriateness. It is similar to the MPAA (the folks who rate movies G, PG, etc.), but Common Sense is not hand-in-hand with the industry like MPAA is*. Also, the Common Sense reviews go into much more detail about the many dimensions that affect whether you want your child consuming the media (sexuality, violence, language, social behavior, commercialism, drug use, etc.), allowing you to make a much more informed choice.

And, for those of you who use Netflix, the ratings are included directly on the Netflix site (that’s where I found out about them).


* As the documentary film “This Film is Not Yet Rated” exposes, MPAA has close ties with the big studios and is actually a very secretive, private organization with very strange biases (against sex and for violence). BTW, before you go and watch this film, please read about it on Common Sense – despite its title, it actually is rated (NC-17) due to prolific inclusion of clips from censored movies.